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E.A. Police Department Releases New Photo of Bank Robber

E.A. Police Department Releases New Photo of Bank Robber

EAST AURORA, NY -- The bank robber some were calling "The Phantom of the Opera" because part of his face was obscured by a gauze bandage in security camera photos released by police, now has a new look. Detective Rick Daminski has produced a composite image of what the man's face would like without obstruction.

"I took the suspect's picture and with help of Photoshop I was able to cut it in half and keep the side that was not bandaged up," said Daminski in a statement. "I then flipped that and joined the two halves together which resulted in a composite-type image of what the suspect may look like without the bandage."

It's not known whether the bandage is real or fake. Anyone with information is asked to contact the East Aurora Police Deptartment at 652-1111 or the confidential tip line 652-5404. 

From the Original Statement Released by the East Aurora Police Department on 5-2-11:

ECWA Warns Against Water Meter Worker Impersonators

ECWA Warns Against Water Meter Worker Impersonators

BUFFALO, N.Y. – In light of two recent and separate incidents of individuals posing as water meter workers in the Town of Hamburg, the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) is asking its customers to properly identify individuals before allowing them access to their home or business to read or perform work on a water meter.

All ECWA meter service workers travel in blue and white vehicles with an ECWA decal on both sides, wear a blue uniform with an ECWA emblem and carry a photo identification badge.

ECWA officials urge all customers to confirm these three visible forms of identification from anyone saying they are at the premises to read or perform work on the water meter. If customers are not shown proper identification, they should immediately shut their doors and call the police or the ECWA’s Customer Service department at 849-8444 Monday through Friday between 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.; or ECWA’s emergency dispatch after 5p.m. and on weekends.


Police Remind Residents to Lock Up

There have been several burglaries and larcenies recently in the neighborhood of Balcom Drive and Adamwood Drive in the Town of Aurora. The East Aurora/Town of Aurora Police Department is encouraging residents to lock doors and windows when leaving their homes even for a short period of time. Residents should lock vehicles when parked in driveways and should not leave any valuables inside vehicles.

“Please report any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity immediately to the East Aurora/Town of Aurora Police Department at 652-111 or dial 911,” a press release noted. “The cooperation between residents and your police department is vital to deter and prevent this type of activity in your neighborhood.”

Any questions or information on recent activity in the neighborhood can be directed to Crime Prevention Officer Lt. Jack Wolff Jr., or Detective Rick Daminski at 652-1111.