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Cookies: A Halloween Treat Everyone Will Love
Cookies: A Halloween Treat Everyone Will Love

It's almost Halloween! Have you decided on which cookie you're going to dress up as this year? Everyone will love your costume because everyone loves cookies. So what's it going to be: Chocolate Chip? Peanut Butter? Oatmeal Raisin? Sugar Cookie? Or will you attempt the most difficult cookie costume of all time: Chocolate Chocolate Chip!

Yes, cookies go great with any holiday. Order some for the neighborhood boys and ghouls, your colleagues at the morgue or even your mummy! As a special incentive, we're going to take $4 off your next order when you visit JustTheCookies.com!  

Our spooktacular cookie packages start at just $16, can be sent as far away as Transylvania, and are guaranteed to arrive quick and disappear even quicker. But you'll want to act quickly, as this scary good offer expires on October 29, 2011.

Ordering is fast and simple. Visit us at www.justthecookies.com or call 1-888-787-3611


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