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Keeping Your Pets Safe When Traveling | Pets

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Keeping Your Pets Safe When Traveling
Keeping Your Pets Safe When Traveling

(Welcome to our pet column, courtesy of Pet Connection Programs Inc. of Marilla. We post a new article each week, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!)

There’s good news for pet owners who want to take their pet along on their next trip. With more pets than ever accompanying their owners on vacation, a growing number of products are available to make traveling easier for pets and people.

To help, here are some tips:

Traveling With Small Pets

For those traveling by car, a versatile top-loading kennel like the Petmate 2-Door Kennel assembles easily and provides a safe place for small pets to rest while en route to any destination.

When bringing a small dog or cat on a plane, remember that airlines require each pet to be contained in a carrier that meets specific criteria. For instance, the Curvations Underseat Traveler was engineered specifically to fit into tight spaces like the underside of an airline seat and provide ample side and top ventilation.

Traveling With Large Dogs

When planning a plane trip with a large dog, remember to check with the airline for individual kennel requirements and other important specifications. The kennel you select should follow these guidelines and comply with the standards of the International Air Transport Association. One such product, the Vari Kennel, is designed to offer comfort and safety, and comes in multiple sizes that fit pets up to 125 pounds.

When hitting the road with a large dog, it’s a good idea to use a plastic kennel or barrier to keep the pet contained and out of the front seat, which causes distractions and poses a safety risk to both the pet and pet owner. And, a tubular or wire pet barrier is designed to do just that. It requires no tools to adjust and is easy to install and remove.

Other Tips

Make sure all shots, vet records and ID tag are up to date. For fun, make sure you have packed fetching toys as well as a collar and a leash to keep dogs nearby and safe. Don’t forget to include a portable waterer or travel bowl for hydration and nourishment on extended trips or outings, especially outdoors.

To learn more, please visit www.petmate.com.


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