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Tips to Prevent Your Pet’s Mess
Tips to Prevent Your Pet’s Mess

(Welcome to our pet column, courtesy of Pet Connection Programs Inc. of Marilla. We post a new article each week, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!)

Do you love your pet, but hate the mess? For dog owners especially, cleaning up after their furry friends is a daily battle.

Dogs are more than happy to track mud and grass from the backyard to your floor or leave fur and dander to collect on your carpet and furniture. What's a loving pet owner to do? Dogs will be dogs, but there are ways to prevent some messes and clean up others more easily. Take a look at a few helpful tips for you and your pet:

• Place rubber or plastic mats in areas where messes are likely to occur, such as under food and water dishes.

• Keep a “pet cleaning kit” with paper towels, hand-held vacuum, old bath towels and cleaning solutions in a bucket where you can get to them quickly. The faster you get on a pet mess, the easier it is to clean, and the less likely it will be to leave a permanent stain.

• Pet hair and dander can trigger allergies for some people and are difficult to remove from carpet. A regular grooming schedule can help eliminate shedding hairs before they end up in the home. It also keeps pets clean, happy and comfortable.

• Installing a faucet in a mudroom or garage allows homeowners to clean off their pets before bringing them into the house. Take a look at a few ideas at deltafaucet.ca. 

• While training pets to keep off of furniture may be difficult, consistency is key. If pets are part of the family, they also have to learn to live comfortably with everyone else.

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