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Benefit for Aidan Walsh | People

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Benefit for Aidan Walsh
Benefit for Aidan Walsh

A Letter from a WGRZ-2 On Your Side Viewer

As a parent the thing you want most is for your children to be healthy and safe.  Unfortunately we have never had that with our 2 children.  Our 5 year old son Aidan, suffers from a lot of illnesses, including; neurologic impairment, autistic symptoms, scoliosis, recurrent infections, joint and muscle neuropathy, dysautonomia, and can only consume a prescription formula, rice, water, salt, and sugar, NO other foods at all.  Our 15 month old daughter suffers from hypotonia, physical delays, and is unable to consume food as well.

We have been to specialists all over the country, because it is believed that all of these ailments are being caused by one genetic disease for both kids.   The kids have endured numerous invasive tests, and grueling travel.  They were last diagnosed with an extremely rare disease, IPEX, and would both require a bone marrow transplant.  We geared ourselves up for that scenario, but then the third batch of the testing for the disease came back negative, although the first 2 were positive.  Even with that, some of the doctors still believe Aidan has IPEX, so we are continuing testing for it and we are once again back on this medical journey.

Because of the numerous uninsured expenses we are incurring due to this all, our friends and family are holding a benefit to help us defer the expenses.  The benefit will be held Tamarack lodge at Buffalo Ski Club on rte. 240 in Colden on Sunday July 8, from 3 – 9 pm.  Please check out our website, www.joinaidan.com or email us at aidansarmyofangels@yahoo.com  Please consider advertising our benefit on your station, we could definitely use the publicizing!  Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Jocelyn Walsh


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