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Erie County Real Estate Director Ok'd:Dems Balk

A ranking Erie County government appointee is back with a rather sizable adjustment in pay but county officials say she is worth it.

Michelle Mazzone has been approved once again by a 9 to 6 vote as the Erie County Director of Real Estate and Asset Management. That puts her in charge of the county's leasing arrangements for various county agencies. Mazzone has also guided the consolidation of some agencies like the county attorney's office back into the Rath Building.

Mazzone will now make a salary of just over $129,000.  County spokesman Grant Loomis says funding was re-allocated within the Building and Grounds Department to cover the salary. Mazzone was first appointed in 2008 when the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority agreed to fund her original salary of with a state efficiency grant. The control board did not extend the funding for 2011.  

A Growing School Results in a Growing Sports Program at Annunciation

A Growing School Results in a Growing Sports Program at Annunciation

Participation in sports plays an important role in a well-rounded education, and Annunciation School in Elma is pleased to report that its athletics program continues to grow.

Congratulations to our basketball teams for their hard work this season. We wish to thank our basketball coaches for their time and efforts. And congratulations to our girls’ varsity basketball team for winning their division!

A big thank you to Annunciation’s Holy Name Society, the Home School Guild and Chet Lewalski for their financial support toward the purchase of our new volleyball net system. Mr. Lewalski spearheaded the effort and we cannot thank him enough for all of his work on this project. Thank you as well to Jeff Tredo and Jeff Ulrich for their installation of the net.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Columnist Rick Ohler on the 25-Hour Hockey-thon in East Aurora

One of the benefits of age is wisdom, they say. The age part seems to have taken care of itself over the last 61 years, so I was hoping that the wisdom part might show up someday, too. Close, it appears, but no cigar yet.

This week's story began two weeks ago when local ice sports impresario John Cimperman accosted me at a local libation station on lower Main Street next to the health food store. "We need you to sign up for the 25-hour hockey game," he said. "It's gonna be great. We start at nine on Friday night and play until 10 on Saturday night. It'll be a record-length game. We'll raise some money for the rink, have a few laughs. Two hours on, two hours off. Piece of cake.

Knox Farm will be Open for 'Passive Recreation' This Summer

Knox Farm will be Open for 'Passive Recreation' This Summer

by Jeremy Morlock

New York State’s continuing budget crises have raised questions on the future of state parks and historic sites, including Knox Farm State Park in the Town of Aurora. Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey, whose appointment was confirmed by the State Senate on March 8, has said that her office will work to protect the parks system.

“I think that times are tough but we have every intention of keeping the parks open,” Harvey noted during a March 11 interview on “The Capitol Pressroom,” a radio program carried by Buffalo NPR-affiliate WBFO.

Supermarkets Highlight Nutrition Values

If you cruise down your local supermarket aisle you may notice an even greater emphasis on nutrition value for the food products on the shelves and the produce bins.

Tops Friendly Markets is now promoting the NuVal nutritional scoring system. It basically assigns a score to a food item based on a formula which dvides good content like vitamins and fiber by bad content like fats and sodium. The actual numerical score of the food, which ranges from zero to 100, will be posted on the price label for that item on the store shelf.

Tops President and CEO Frank Curci says they hope to make it simple for consumers as they shop and make nutritional choices. The system was actually drawn up by medical and nutrition experts.

Weekend Collections in Buffalo Diocese to Support Japan

BUFFALO, NY-Bishop Edward Kmiec Thursday invited parishes throughout the Buffalo Diocese to conduct special collections at masses this weekend to support earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

All proceeds will go to Catholic Relief Services. CRS is the official international humanitarian agenccy of the Catholic community in the United States. The organization is working with Caritas International and others to find ways to bring aid to the thousands affected by the disaster.

"We continue to pray for the people of Japan, those who have lost their lives in this disaster and the rescue workers, many of whom are risking their lives," said Bishop Kmiec.




Technology Advancements Continue at Annunciation School

Technology Advancements Continue at Annunciation School

Effective schoolroom teaching now includes the use of state-of-the-art technology, and Annunciation School in Elma is keeping up with the times.

Serving children from Pre-K3 through Grade 8 and located at 7580 Clinton St., Annunciation features a hands-on computer lab offering 15 computer stations in addition to scanners, laser printers and projectors. The computer lab also features an interactive SMART Board to enhance instruction and learning.

In addition to the computer lab, Annunciation also has SMART Boards in the fifth and sixth grade classrooms, and a SMART Table in kindergarten. Interactive Whiteboard systems and projector units are found in the first, fourth and eighth grade classrooms. Supervised Internet access is also available in every classroom.