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Students Pay Good Fortunes Forward | News

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Students Pay Good Fortunes Forward

HAMBURG, NY - Several Western New York schools competed in a food drive contest during the month of December to benefit the Food Bank of WNY with the winning school receiving a visit from Andy Parker and The Weather Machine. 

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After weeks of collecting canned goods, on weigh in day the 400 students from Armor Elementary found themselves at the top of the food pile. They may have succeeded in winning the contest, but their giving had just begun.

When they found out the second place school was just a few pounds behind but only had 90 students compared to their 400 they were amazed. So impressed in fact, they wanted to pay their good fortune forward to the students of the Annunciation School.

Bruce Mitchell, Armor Elementary School Counselor says, "for a small school the commitment they had to making a difference was tremendous."

Jessica Sickau, Armor Elementary 5th Grade Student says, "they were really close to winning and we wanted to give them what they deserved too."

So an invitation was made and on the day of The Weather Machine show, 90 students from Annunciation arrived at Armor Elementary with smiles on their faces and kind thoughts for their new found friends.

Vincenza LaMagna, Annunciation 5th Grader says, "it was really nice of then to do this. It will be a cool experience. It was kind of them to invite us."

Both schools filled the auditorium and after a brief introduction to each other, the entire group was swept up as one by the excitement of The Weather Machine.

They had the opportunity to check out a weather balloon up close, see a tornado and even feel the effects of lightning.

In the end though, the students may have learned a bit about the weather, but more importantly they shared in the lesson of giving.

Bruce Mitchell, Armor Elementary Counselor says, "we had fun collecting the food. We helped people in our community. We won a prize and had the opportunity to share our good fortune with another school who put in a great deal of effort. Let's give everybody a round of applause."



























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