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People All Over WNY are Talking About Cool Gel ’n Cap | Health

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People All Over WNY are Talking About Cool Gel ’n Cap
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People All Over WNY are Talking About Cool Gel ’n Cap

Positive feedback regarding a product developed right here in Western New York continues to arrive at Cool Gel ’n Cap headquarters. 

Cool Gel ’n Cap is a unique first aid cap brought to market by Western New Yorker Timothy Panicali, the company’s president and product co-inventor. Designed for toddlers and young children, the fun and comfortable plush hat holds either a hot or cold pack in place for bumps, bruises, earaches, headaches, etc., leaving Mom and Dad’s hands free to comfort and calm their child with a soothing touch.

Here’s what people from all over the area are saying:

“Cool Gel ’n Cap is a very innovative and unique product for parents that are always on the go.” Betty from Buffalo

“My husband and I find this hat very useful, and it is very much needed for those unexpected falls. Great product!” Kim from East Aurora

“Good quality product. It’s a definite help in the busy life of mothers and fathers always on the go.” Mike from West Seneca

“A amazing product to comfort my daughter. I’m a stay-at-home mom and I very much dislike when I have to try to place an ice pack on my daughter’s head. I will be showing the Cool Gel ’n Cap to my friends and family.” Robin from Cheektowaga

“I don’t now how I did without this amazing gift from my sister. This hat makes my life with my grandchildren much less complicated. I only wish I had this for my daughter.” Phyllis from South Wales

“Cool Gel ’n Cap is the best baby shower gift I have ever given. All of my friends rave about how well it works with their children. I love the hat design and look forward to using one with my children.” Jessica from Orchard Park

“My son loves his cap. It makes it so much easier to treat his boo boos rather than trying to fiddle with a big ice pack. My son loves to wear his cap even when he doesn’t have a boo boo. The cap is so adorable and easy to use. I recommend this for every mother, father and daycare provider.” Jeanette

Priced at just $19.99, please visit www.coolgelncap.net for more information.



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