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Flex Your Elder Muscles | Health

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Flex Your Elder Muscles

East Aurora Community Education offers several popular fitness courses, some designed especially for senior citizens or those with health issues that require a slower pace. 

Fight Age with Muscle with Jane Schmitt is our latest new offering.  This course will strengthen your muscles to keep you fit, or can start beginners on the path to new strength. The only equipment you need is an inflatable ball (provided), used to position your body or add resistance. The workouts target every major muscle group with one to four exercises — proven classics like crunches, hamstring curls and chest presses.  They’re all gently paced with easy transitions and modifications to suit any fitness level. Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.  Class begins Monday, February 27 at 10:15 AM.

Also slow-paced with veteran instructor Jane Schmitt, Gentle Yoga meets on Thursday mornings beginning February 16 at 10:15. This is a gentle and restorative class for those new to yoga or who have health issues that require a more slow paced practice.

Three water courses begin February 27 and run through late May on Mondays and Wednesdays;  Aquacise features mild to moderate group fitness; Aqua Fit is deep- and shallow-water strength and endurance activity, and Lap Swimming is individual free-style for all ages over 21.

Visit our website at www.eastauroraschools.org/adulteducation or call 687-2311 for a mailed catalog. 


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