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Kingsmill’s: A Unique Store Rich with History | Families

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Kingsmill’s: A Unique Store Rich with History
Kingsmill’s: A Unique Store Rich with History


We’ll still see them in movies and old television shows from time to time, those grandiose department stores featuring multiple levels, high-end products and manually operated elevators. And in nearby London, Ontario, one of those rare examples of classic architecture still exists, a haven for shoppers who enjoy life’s finer things and tourists who appreciate a glimpse into the past.

Kingsmill’s, dating back to 1865, is London’s oldest and most respected department store. The four floors of the store, located at 130 Dundas St., offer a wide range of products including home furnishings, fine china and collectibles, fashions, cosmetics, linens, gifts, kitchenware, luggage and much more.

This spectacular art deco-style structure, dating back to the 1930s, features original tin-plated ceilings and hardwood floors. Other unique features of the building include a pneumatic tube system used to send paperwork and change throughout the store and an old-style elevator operated by knowledgeable operators. These features have survived over the years in a conscious effort to maintain the incredible character and elegance of this magnificent building. 

Kingsmill’s is not just a great place to shop — it’s also a very significant part of London’s rich history! Stop by for a visit, or visit the store online at www.kingsmills.com. And for helpful information on planning a quick getaway to London, please visit www.londontourism.ca.


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