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Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing

Columnist Rick Ohler on the 25-Hour Hockey-thon in East Aurora

One of the benefits of age is wisdom, they say. The age part seems to have taken care of itself over the last 61 years, so I was hoping that the wisdom part might show up someday, too. Close, it appears, but no cigar yet.

This week's story began two weeks ago when local ice sports impresario John Cimperman accosted me at a local libation station on lower Main Street next to the health food store. "We need you to sign up for the 25-hour hockey game," he said. "It's gonna be great. We start at nine on Friday night and play until 10 on Saturday night. It'll be a record-length game. We'll raise some money for the rink, have a few laughs. Two hours on, two hours off. Piece of cake. Can I sign you up?" All in a day's work for Cimperman, whose turbines tend to generate a little more horsepower than the average citizen.

Read the full column from the East Aurora Advertiser.


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