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Introducing the Ultimate Fairgoer of 2012: Tim Beasor
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Introducing the Ultimate Fairgoer of 2012: Tim Beasor

I am proud to welcome a new member of our special fair club....the Ultimate Fairgoers!!!  Please meet our newest inductee....Mr. Tim Beasor!!!

It was just a stroke of luck that I was able to catch up with our new ultimate fairgoer.  I was in my area of Slade Park, and one of my fair pals, Helene Edie (Ultimate Fairgoer 2011) came over to ask if I knew who was at their table.  I glanced over and didn't recognize anyone, so I told her "no" and asked who it was!!!  She smiled and told me it was the newest Ultimate Fairgoer!!!  How great was that!  Here we are.....fairgoer 2005 and fairgoer 2011 being able to just hang out with fairgoer 2012!!  I asked if she might introduce me to him and maybe I could get some info about him for this blog.  I was sure that all of you would want to know all the facts!!!

So here goes.....I want you to meet Tim!!!

Tim was nominated by his sister Constance.  Her nomination was really quite impressive and I thought that the EC Fair made a great decision in selecting Tim this year for the honor of being the Ultimate Fairgoer!!!

Tim proudly states that he has been coming to the Fair since he was 6 weeks old....so that makes about 59 years!  And you may not find that really impressive, but you have to know that of those 59, the last 21 he has come all the way from Florida to be at our fair!!!  Now that is someone that really loves the fair that is willing to travel that far for this one event!!  But, I do know that it is well worth the trip!!!  And do does Tim, I would say!!!

Tim told me that he and his siblings were 4Hers and that his mother and dad, were in fact, leaders of the club, "The Busy Hornets".  At fair time, they entered flowers and vegetables,  and sometimes woodworking and leather crafts. And some of these entries actually went on to the State Fair!!!  So you can see that Tim's interest in fair things, started a long time ago!!

In Florida, Tim is a programmer for the Broward Co. School District, which just happens to be the 5th largest school district in the country!!!  Because school does start earlier in Florida than it does here in NYS, Tim had some time constraints.  He was here in Hamburg for one full day to enjoy our fair and then he was off to Rochester to meet with friends and then headed back home to Florida!!!

I can only say that I was very pleased to meet Tim and glad to know he was proud of his award!!!  He sported his "Ultimate Fairgoer" button proudly.  He also got some nice prizes for his being selected. 

Tim now joins us in this special group of fairgoers......those of us that just love the fair.......that come as often as we can.......and help spread the word about our favorite summer event!!!  We are the Ultimate Fairgoers!!!  We Welcome You, Tim!!!   See you Next Year.....mark your calendar RIGHT NOW!!!

Erie County Fair 2013.......August 7 - August 18, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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