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Signs of Spring Are Hatching | Environment

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Signs of Spring Are Hatching
Signs of Spring Are Hatching

 East Aurora, NY - Although the ground is still white and the temperatures bitter cold, signs of the coming spring season are already hatching in WNY. At Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. in East Aurora wildlife baby season has begun. The recent appearances of fuzzy, white heart-shaped faces mark the arrival of this year’s first Barn Owl hatchlings. These bundles of downy feathers and awkwardly large feet feature a charm no Barn Owl mother could refuse. In several weeks, with daily care and a diet of small rodents, these babies will grow their adult flight feathers and take to the skies to become one of New York’s essential predators maintaining balance within our ecosystems.

 The Barn Owl’s illuminated white feathers, silent flight, and spine-tingling call is enchanting to the few who have witnessed this mysterious species in person. Unfortunately in WNY the Barn Owl has become virtually non-existent due to habitat loss and pesticide use. However, throughout its range, Barn Owls have the potential to be voracious and beneficial predators; actively targeting and controlling rodent populations. Just one Barn Owl family can consume 3,000 rodents a year, helping to reduce crop damage and spread of disease to humans.

 Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. has taken the challenge of bringing back the Barn Owl and preserving WNY’s native biodiversity through our internationally recognized and award-winning Barn Owl Breeding Program. Since 1994 Hawk Creek has raised and released a total of 218 Barn Owls into the skies of WNY. The public is invited to see these majestic adult owls in-person and join in a scheduled releasing of two of last year’s Barn Owl babies during our “Destination: Earth” event Saturday, April 30th, 2011. For more information on our public events, education and rehabilitation services, and Barn Owl Breeding Program please visit Hawk Creek at www.hawkcreek.org.


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