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Village Backs 25-Hour Hockey Game | Community Spirit

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Village Backs 25-Hour Hockey Game
Village Backs 25-Hour Hockey Game

From the Mayor's Office

EAST AURORA, N.Y. - Village leaders and Aurora Ice Association  (AIA) representatives met today to review plans for a record setting 25-hour hockey game to be hosted at the Time Warner Cable Classic Rink.  Both sides agree that having the ice rink is a community asset and understand the continued success of the Time Warner Cable Classic Rink requires the Village and the AIA to work together as community partners and maintain strong lines of communication.

Mayor Kasprzak stated that recent newspaper articles would have the AIA and Village at odds, which is not the case. A 25 hour event scheduled for March 18th and 19th at the Time Warner Cable Classic Rink was questioned by a resident at a recent board meeting. Trustees were not aware of the event and were caught off guard. 

Today’s meeting addressed the Village’s need for event information to ensure that public health, safety and welfare issues are addressed and that citizen’s questions can be answered or their concerns addressed. While the hosting of this event is not in violation of AIA’s existing special permit and Development Plan, AIA Representatives (John Cimperman and Tony DiFilippo) recognized that the Village’s noise ordinance requires relevant permission to make unnecessary noise between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am and because of the open air design of the rink in the midst of the Village, they will take steps to mitigate possible noise issues during the late evening and early hours for this special event.  These steps include not allowing amplified music or announcing, the use of the scoreboard horn, or the use of whistles by ice officials.  AIA will also minimize the use of the Zamboni during the later hours of the event.   They assured village officials that they continue to be cognizant of their responsibility to the community and being good neighbors.  Mayor Kasprzak emphasized that special events at the rink are great for the community and are perceived in a positive light when the Village Board is included in the conversation and the community is well informed.    

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