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Memorial Day Thoughts
Memorial Day Thoughts

From the Kinkaid Photo Art Blog by Robert W. Kinkaid

Memorial Day, often eclipsed as a long weekend with BBQs, is very special to me. While friends and family have been thankfully veterans, and even though I never served, I have a deep respect for those who have and those who have fallen, so that we all could have a 3-day weekend and BBQ.

Like most men, I like war films and a little city in WNY is the birthplace for heroes.

If you are like me, you've seen 'Saving Private Ryan', which is based in part on the true-life Niland brothers from Tonawanda, NY.

If you also saw the HBO series 'Band of Brothers', you might have become acquainted with the animated tales of "Skip" Muck until he was killed during enemy shelling during the Battle of the Bulge. Muck was from Tonawanda, NY as well. 

Last July 4th, I attended the dedication of momuments in Tonawanda and also had the pleasure of meeting Don Malarky, who was also with Easy Company in the 101st.

Take a moment this weekend to remember and honor those who died so that we might be able to BBQ in relative freedom.

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