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Yellow Dot Program: Provides Vital Medical Info to First Responders
Yellow Dot Program: Provides Vital Medical Info to First Responders

In an effort to better serve and help protect the citizens of Erie County, Sheriff Tim Howard; Erie County Legislator Lynne Dixon; County Clerk Chris Jacobs;  Erie County Senior Services Commissioner Dr. Ellen Grant; Erie County Commissioner of  Emergency Services  Dan Neaverth Jr.; and Doctor Todd Martino- President of the Pharmacists of WNY;  announced on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 that Yellow Dot packets are now available.

Yellow Dot is a free program designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention during the first “golden hour” after a crash or other emergency.  The Yellow Dot kit contains a medical information card and a Yellow Dot decal.  Participants complete the card, attach a recent photo, place it in the glove compartment of their vehicle and place the Yellow Dot decal on the rear driver’s side window.

First responders arriving at the scene of an emergency will be alerted by the Yellow Dot decal to look for the medical information card in the glove compartment.

Sheriff Tim Howard: “Providing the quickest and best care has always been the goal of first responders”, said Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard.  The Yellow Dot program will provide another means to improve the response and quality of care of those in need of immediate aid”.      

Erie County Legislator Lynne Dixon:  “I am excited to announce that Erie County has officially launched its Yellow Dot program to help victims of car accidents who have medical needs or concerns”, said Legislator Lynne Dixon.   Dixon added:  “This is a very simple program, yet the benefits are immense. A senior citizen from Hamburg brought this program to my attention and we have been working ever since to have it implemented here. I am grateful to the NYS Sheriff's Association and the Erie County Sheriff's Office for making theses kits available. I also appreciate the work of Erie County Senior Services and Emergency Services for being a partner in this endeavor.  I believe today we are taking action that will help save lives.”

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs: “The Yellow Dot program is a unique initiative that will be vital in treating senior drivers injured in an automobile accident”, says Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs. “This program will have far-reaching benefits for both injured motorists and those responsible for treating them. The Erie County Auto Bureaus are a perfect outlet for senior motorists to obtain this life-saving information”.

Sr. Services Commissioner Dr. Ellen Grant: “This program provides a powerful communication tool for our first responders”, said Dr. Ellen Grant.  “Erie County, New York will now join other states like Alabama and Connecticut in being proactive to address seniors in a medical emergency”.

Erie County Commissioner of Emergency Services- Dan Neaverth Jr. : “This program will allow first responders to identify and address underlying medical emergencies often overlooked at motor vehicle accidents”.   

Doctor Todd Martino, President of Pharmacists of WNY- "Pharmacists, as the most accessible health care professionals and medication experts, are excited to be part of the Yellow Dot program.  It is extremely important for first responders to know what medications you are taking in the event of an emergency.  Yellow Dot will save lives, period."

Funded by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association, the Yellow Dot Program is a free service available to individuals of all ages.  In Erie County, Yellow Dot kits will be available at all Erie County Sheriff’s substations; pharmacies; senior centers; Erie County Legislature; and DMV offices.

For information about the Yellow Dot Program, please contact Legislator Dixon at 858-8671 or email lynne.dixon@erie.gov, or the Sheriff's Office at www.erie.gov/sheriff or call 716-858-6962.

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