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Cool Gel ’n Cap is Safe and Effective for Ear Infection Pain Relief | Business

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Cool Gel ’n Cap is Safe and Effective for Ear Infection Pain Relief
Cool Gel ’n Cap is Safe and Effective for Ear Infection Pain Relief

Cool Gel ’n Cap, a unique first aid cap for children developed right here in Western New York, can help relieve your child’s fear and discomfort from bumps and bruises, earaches, ear infections and headaches. In this week’s article, we’ll cover the topic of ear infections.

Each year, 25 million pediatric appointments in the United States are attributed to ear infections. Pain is the first clue that your child may have an ear infection. If your toddler is saying, “Mommy, my ear hurts,” or you see them tugging or holding their ear, it is likely that you will need to provide some ear infection pain relief.

Most young children will be cranky and restless when ear problems occur, even if they have no fever. The sooner they are given ear pain relief, the better.

Causes of an ear infection

Ear infections are the most common childhood ailment, especially for children up to age 2. Statistics show us that 75 percent of all kids have had at least one ear infection by the time they reach their third birthday.

Young children are at greater risk of developing a painful ear infection than older children or adults. The wails of a toddler with an ear infection can be emotionally devastating to a parent because there is little they can do to relieve the pain.

It is better to head off an ear infection in its earliest stages. Always call your doctor if you notice that your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms:

• Fever and sore throat

• Tugging or rubbing the ear

• Fluid draining from the ear

• Difficulty balancing or walking

• Restless, cranky behavior

• Complaints about everyday noise being too loud or hurting his ears


Every childhood earache needs attention, but not all earaches benefit from antibiotics. A doctor’s visit will help determine the earache's cause and the best course of treatment.

Doctors, nurses and wise grandmothers often suggest that a warm compress be applied to the ear. This is a safe and effective ear infection pain relief that has worked well for generations. There is no dosing schedule involved, and there are no side effects or complications to worry about when this natural pain remedy is used.

The compress helps reduce pain in several ways:

• When the compress is held close against the ear, it helps block sound and air from reaching the aching, sensitive eardrum.

• Sensation of warm compress is calming and relaxing.

 • Spreading warmth quickly eases pain and discomfort by decreasing inflammation.

While a compress may be the best way to get immediate ear infection pain relief, it can be frustrating to keep it in place. Children in pain are restless and they want to be held. Trying to balance the compress and a fretful child can often prove to be a losing battle. The Cool Gel 'n Cap is an innovative product that gives you a solution. Now you can treat the pain of an ear infection and still have both arms free to cuddle your little one. It is the “no hands” design of the Cool Gel 'n Cap that makes this compress so convenient and effective for ear infection pain relief. In the past, the restless behavior of most young children made it almost impossible to keep heat against their ears. This meant that they were not getting the full healing benefits and it was taking longer to relieve the discomfort. The Cool Gel 'n Cap's design holds the compress in perfect position with no need to restrict your child’s activity or movements.

Most parents know how difficult it is to find an effective relief for ear infection problems that frequently begin in the middle of the night. The Cool Gel 'n Cap provides an always on-hand solution.

For more information on Cool Gel ’n Cap, priced at just $19.99, please visit www.coolgelncap.net.


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