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Cool Gel ’n Cap Debuts Redesigned Website | Business

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Cool Gel ’n Cap Debuts Redesigned Website
Cool Gel ’n Cap Debuts Redesigned Website

When you introduce an innovative new product and it quickly catches on with consumers, it may be time to revamp your website to accommodate the product’s growing popularity. That’s just what the creator of the Cool Gel ’n Cap, Tim Panicali, has done.

At the recently redesigned www.CoolGelnCap.net, you’ll find all sorts of new consumer-friendly features that highlight the product and underscore why it’s something no parent should be without.

There are compelling testimonials from parents and healthcare professionals who have seen first-hand how this amazing first aid product has brought relief and comfort to a child with a bump or bruise of the head, as well as fevers and earaches.

Among them is Stephen Giroux, a prominent Western New York pharmacy owner and past president of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA). Giroux declares, “Cold treatment is such an effective tool, but it is always challenging to get children to keep it on. These cute animal character hats will help create excitement for the treatment. They’re really cool.”

This creative and interactive new website will also tell you about contests and a coloring book, all designed to make Cool Gel ’n Cap a product that children will actually wear. In fact, many even put it on for play.

Best of all, the new www.CoolGelnCap.net lets parents and others actually purchase one or more of the hats through its online Shopping Cart, which allow a caregiver to quickly and easily insert one or more hot or cold gel packs inside the liner of the hat and position it over the injury. 

Panicali, a resident of Elma, N.Y., came up with the idea for the Cool Gel ’n Cap after his young son fell and bumped his head. Panicali says it was extremely difficult to comfort his crying son while trying to summon medical assistance. He discovered that a makeshift ice pack “did the trick.”

A few years later, Panicali had a finished product, one which can significantly improve the lives of children and their families. For more information, please visit www.CoolGelnCap.net.


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