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Izzo's New Book Offers Supernatural Scares | Arts & Culture

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Izzo's New Book Offers Supernatural Scares
Izzo's New Book Offers Supernatural Scares

by Kaitlyn Duthie

Now introducing his fourth novel, No Escape, Tony Izzo is on his way to becoming the Stephen King or Dean Koontz of East Aurora. Izzo revealed to the East Aurora Advertiser that this novel is truly unlike his past three written works, The Dark Ones, Evil Harvest, and Cruel Winter. As he continues his writing career, Izzo is finding his own writing style that captures his readers’ attention within the first chapter. Izzo wrote his newest novel specifically to be so alluring that there is no escape in reading it.

No Escape is about Jack Hammond, an ex-Special Forces soldier, who has returned from the war in Iraq and is looking to take a peaceful island vacation with his family. Soon after Jack and his family arrive on the island, a ship runs aground, bringing bloodthirsty creatures with it. When a hostile military unit arrives to deal with the threat, Jack discovers he has to get off the island. Before there's no escape.

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