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How to Make Your Car Last Forever: Auto Q&A with Tom Torbjornsen | Business

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How to Make Your Car Last Forever: Auto Q&A with Tom Torbjornsen
How to Make Your Car Last Forever: Auto Q&A with Tom Torbjornsen

Dear Tom,

When it rains my ’98 Hyundai Accent stutters and sometimes stalls. The check engine light comes on and, after some time, it seems to run fine. What’s going on? 
Korinna from Ridgeway, CT


The computer needs to be scanned for trouble codes. It has detected a problem with the engine when it’s wet outside and has set a code, turning the check engine light on. Once the computer has been scanned, the technician can perform a set of pinpoint tests to determine the defective part. My guess is that the tech will find multiple random misfires. The tech will probably mist down the engine compartment with a spray water bottle in an effort to duplicate the problem. You’ll probably find that the sparkplug wires need replacing. Best to you.


Dear Tom,

I own an ’02 VW Jetta GL. It makes a squeaking noise when going over bumps. The sound is coming from the front suspension, but I’m not sure where to start my search. Do you think it could be caused by bad bearings or bushings? 

Clancy from Cedar Rapids, IA


The squeak could be coming from the bushings in the control arms, dry ball joint/s, worn strut insulators or bearings. Get the car up on a lift and have the front suspension checked out. Success to you.


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