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East Aurora Hockey Program is Growing in Size and Skill | News

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East Aurora Hockey Program is Growing in Size and Skill
East Aurora Hockey Program is Growing in Size and Skill

by Kaitlyn Duthie

Intern, East Aurora Advertiser

The 2010-2011 season has brought a great change to the East Aurora/Holland club hockey program. Never have the members of the program been so compatible and assiduous. The JV and varsity teams appear to just be getting started, with new games bringing stronger wins in terms of scoring goals and of establishing a more impregnable team, of which East Aurora can be proud.

The beginning of the East Aurora Hockey Team coincided with the effort to create an ice rink in the Village of East Aurora, as parents and other adults worked to give members of the community the opportunity to glide on the ice.

Growing in Strength and Character

Varsity Coach Paul Yuhas played hockey for many years. When he found that East Aurora was finally building a rink and enlarging the team, he saw it as his opportunity to educate those who are passionate about hockey. Yuhas felt intrigued by the opportunity to coach at the varsity level and he also wanted to help create a better overall program.

As joyful and fantastic as the coaching experience is for Yuhas, he believes that what the players learn from the team efforts will be an important part of their transition to adulthood, regardless of whether they continue to play hockey. As for how much of an impact the team has made on Yuhas, he said, “I am always excited to go to practice. It consumes my thoughts the entire day and when I finally go to coach, each and every practice is of more interest to me.”

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